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Welcome to DrSynthetic

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Dr Synthetic is a leading wholesaler and retailer of research chemicals, based in Cyprus Europe. We deliver high quality product manufactured in our laboratory in China and distribute them directly to our worldwide partners & clients. Our Quality is considered as a benchmark for research chemicals worldwide, and we guarantee our products to be of the highest quality available in the market.

We are looking for long-term partners from all over the world to supply them with the finest quality research chemicals. We have stimulants, cannabinoids and hallucinogenic chems. We provide an ever-widening selection of quality products, competitive prices, and a professional and personalized customer service that is second-to-none. We take 100% consideration into what we offer and can ship from 10g to 1 Kg of chemicals per day per client in the best possible shipping times available.


 The research chemicals which we are selling are ideal for research institutions, clinical labs, bio companies and the individual researcher. We guarantee all of the products that we offer to be the exactly as described, and are of the highest quality and purity available.

Our materials can be used for an extensive variety of research applications, including but not limited to: reference standards (e.g., GC/MS), analytical research substrates, in-vitro biochemical ligands, reagents in organic synthesis.


So, don’t take unnecessary chances when you need quality and reliability from your chemical company supplier. Come, Partner with a company that has a great track record and one that you can trust.