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Pentylone (NRG-3)

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What is Pentylone used for?

Pentylone, which was developed in the 1960s, is a research chemical which can also be used for forensic analysis. However, it has not been approved for human consumption. Further research is necessary to identify its physiological, neurological and toxicological properties. Pentylone has been identified as a component of NRG-3

Pentylone (β-Keto-Methylbenzodioxolylpentanamine or bk-Methyl-K or bk-MBDP) is a cathinone derivative and psychostimulant. Naturally occurring cathinone, or benzoylethanamine, is a monoamine alkaloid which can be found in the plant Khat and is chemically similar to ephedrine, cathine and other amphetamines.


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What is Pentylone?

Traded also under the name NRG-3, in combination with other chemicals such as MDPV, Flephedrone, MPPP, etc, Pentylone is a very potent stimulant, that can cause acute results even in the most heavy drug users. Although classified as a stimulant, Pentylone induces various euphoriant and opiate effects, and is very similar to Methylone. A 10mg dose can induce powerful effectiveness in a first time user.
Known also as bk-Methyl-K, bk-MBDP or B-Keto-Methylbenzodioxolylpentanamine, Pentylone is registered under IUPAC name as (±)-1-(1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)-2-(methylamino)pentan-1-one, and can be identified in ChemSpider as 29786041, while its CAS number is 698963-77-8. Pentylone is a powerful Phenethylamine, and belongs to the same chemical class with MDMA, Methylone, PMEA, Methamphetamine, etc. It is an unusual research chemical due to its complexity and potency, and its unique characteristics compared to other stimulants, acting not only as a stimulant, but as a polyvalent compound.
At Dr. Synthetic you have the chance to buy quality Pentylone, 98.8% pure, in the form of a faintly clustered off-white powder, and is intended for forensic research study, and not for human consumption.

What are the effects of  Pentylone?

Due to its complex characteristics, the effects induced by Pentylone are primary stimulative enhancement, uplifted emotional state, inducing as well a state of intense excitement and happiness. An improvement in conversational skills, promptness and alteration in conceptualisation often occurs. Subjects complained of increased body temperature and irregular heart beat, although proven to be an illusion induced by the drug and there are no real evidences of such side effects. Paranoia and delusional thoughts might occur in the case if subject ingested an over dose, such as the fear of heart attacks, fear of burglary, some other users who ingested way too large doses were convinced that they could anticipate the forthcoming of a large proportions calamity, but those are rare cases.
Pentylone is rather addictive, and users often yearn for more substance, depending also upon the quantity previously administered. Pentylone has been reported as an influential research chemical, with very powerful results, that impressed and outraged even meth and cocaine users who underestimated its potency and unfortunately suffered the side effects of an over dose.

Experiences of users who tried Pentylon

Pentylone, overall, has become my drug of choice,having tried all the classic mainstream - including - hard drugs (heroin, meth, etc).

It is a very unique and interesting compound. I say unique because each ROA produces markedly different effects- although the 'base' properties are of a euphoric, entactogenic, sedating and calming yet stimulating drug. I can stay up for days with this or take one dose and be asleep within 6 hours. Pupil dilation does not really occur unless I have taken a massive dose or have been on it for a day or more.

My first experiences with it were strictly IV. This produced one hell of an intense rush for sure, and was almost overwhelming. The cool part about this is that the rush lasted from 30min-1hr and subsided over the next 3-4 hours, slowly fading, with the high all the while there in the background. IV does fuck with my coordination somewhat, and I had some trouble walking straight.



Effects wise, the high feels in-between the DARI "boost" or "lift" one gets from something like coke or 4-MEC, that can become scattered or unfocused in high amounts, and the almost mechanical, intense, focused laser beam of the amphetamine high. The initial "rush" after a line feels pretty speedy, hyper, and manic for around 5-10 minutes, but then the high settles into a more focused stimulation that is good for doing academic work, though not quite as good as the focus from amphetamines. What I mean is that on the sliding scale between hyper, chatty, manic, euphoric, bouncy stimulation, on the one extreme, and sitting still writing for 12 hours without moving kind of stimulation on the other extreme, Pentylone is somewhere between the middle of the scale and the sitting still, laser-beam focus end of the scale.

It's a little different and your preferences may vary, but I like this chem because I think it strikes a good balance between useful amphetamine-like stimulation for work but without the extremely long duration and attendant effect on my sleep cycle from actual amphetamines. On the other hand, those looking for euphoria, rolls, and eye-wiggles might find this too much of a "plain" stim, though maybe I just haven't experimented with high enough doses yet. With no scale, I don't really feel the urge to try.

The urge to redose is there, but it is more to maintain the focus than to maintain the peak high. I were working, I might do a smallish line (approx the size of a tootpick after it's been all chopped and fluffed up) every hour for a few hours and then be able to fall asleep around 6-7 hours after the last line. It seems less "fiendy" than 4-MEC or 4-FA, though probably more so than 2-FMA, which I find not to be very fiendy at all. Self-control is definitely possible, though I suppose I can't speak for the whole of humanity. I'm sure some people could really binge on this stuff....

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