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Naphyrone (NRG-1)

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What is Naphyrone?

Naphyrone (naphthylpyrovalerone or O-2482 or NRG-1) is a cathinone derivative and it is not sold for human consumption. You can purchase a test sample to confirm the purity of NRG-1 available at our store. 

Naphyrone is a research chemical that inhibits the dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine transporters by 50%, inducing very powerful euphoric, aphrodisiac and stimulative enhancements.

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Naphyrone (naphthylpyrovalerone or O-2482 or NRG-1) is a cathinone derivative which exhibits triple reuptake inhibor properties. Naturally occurring cathinone, or benzoylethanamine, is a monoamine alkaloid which can be found in the plant Khat and is chemically similar toephedrinecathine and other amphetamines.


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Traded under the name NRG-1, Naphyrone or naphthylpyrovalerone can be found in the IUPAC registry under the name (RS)-1-naphthalen-2-yl-2-pyrrolidin-1-ylpentan-1-one, and can be identified in ChemSpider with the number 9418039, while its CAS registered number is 850352-53-3. Naphyrone or NRG-1 is analogue of 4-Methyl-B-ketone-prolintane, known also as Pyrovalerone, and belongs to the same chemical class as A-PVP and MDPV, a potent stimulant and aphrodisiac that enhances the mood and is a perfect party drug. There are various research chemicals traded online and through various dealers under the name of NRG-1, but most of the times those chemicals don't actually contain Naphyrone as a compound, but various mixed stimulants such as MDPV, butylone and caffeine. At Dr. Synthetic you have the possibility to purchase 98.4% pure Naphylone to help you in your research studies.

What are the effects of Naphyrone (NRG-1)?

Naphyrone acts as a mood enhancer, stimulant and aphrodisiac and a dosage of 60 mg induce various emotional and physical alterations on an approximate period of 8 hours after the intake. It is a very potent stimulant, considered stronger than mephedrone and LSD, and various other stimulants and psychotropic research chemicals. Talkativeness is often present and increased locomotion, and as side effects NRG-1 might induce short-term insomnia, dryness, and partial weight loss. 

Naphyrone is also enhancing the mental capacity during the time of the intake, and users often reported that they were more perceptive and intuitive.

Experiences of persons who tried Naphyrone

I Have experience with lsd, psilocybin, ecstasy, mephedrone, benzo's, opiates and a few others. Found this to be the most potent stimulant I have tried, but still a worthwhile drug. I consumed 50 mg by swallowing and had effects lasting for ten hours.

00:00 received it in the mail, mixed 50 milligrams in water and swallowed.

+45 Begin to feel the full effects but still coming up. No longer tired, walking around and talking

+2 Talking to strangers, telling all my friends how great they are, love meeting new people and striking up random conversations. slight euphoria but more of a stimulant

04:00 Moving around constantly, drinking lots of water due to dry mouth, want to do something exciting or dangerous, feels like i am still coming up and wonder how high I am going to get.

06:00 still feel the effects and still talking my face off.

09:00 now just feel wired and unable to sleep. cant really get myself to do anything, but fall asleep in the next hour after laying down

Overall I found this to be a very fun compound and made for a very fun night with not a lot even going on. I was very focused in all my conversations and could even make very intelligent discussions. I have never felt the need to talk or make new friends like this before and even felt like I was capable of anything. If used under small dosages with no redose this can be fun, even with a little bit of a prolonged comedown. Also, I had a lot of jaw grinding and loss of appetite.



There's many other chemicals that I'm interested in trying well before going anywhere near this shit.

The sooner I disclose such substances, the sooner they will be gobbled up by every kid on the block, so I'm keeping them close to my chest until I hear of more widespread use.

Weren't some NRG-1 products found to contain good 'ol pee vee (MDPV) and not naphyrone at all? That's pretty dodgy, but what more can you expect from vendors that are stocked to the hills with products like MDPV and don't give a shit about you or me

There are some interesting chemicals coming to light at the moment and this is only going to continue.

They will practically have to legalize something well known because there's no way the laws can keep up with so much rapid change on the research chemical market...


Pure energy-1, direct from the manufacturer as a sample.

Energy-1 is basically: ENERGY. No euphoria, no empathy. Just energy. Like your running on duracells, or nuclear energy.

I took approx (didn't have scales until later) 0.03g max at 12pm yesterday. I was really quite apprehensive because I was reading the Suns horror story right after taking it. Anyway, once I relaxed and let go of my anxiety from trying it.. its was actually a really good feeling. Too good. Addictively good. It makes you feel like you're running on unlimited energy. Not just for an hour, but for 10-12 hours. I'm not exaggerating in any way shape or form 0.03g, no redosing, and I was going strong for 10-12 hours. Just in time to fall asleep at 1am ish.

Pros -

1. Unlimited energy (as if you couldn't get tired)
2. Can function exactly as I would normally. Including eating. Food was amazing on the drug.
3. Doesn't distort your judgement or ability to do things, with the exception of your concentration.
4. Feels likes you've just done a few lines of pure cocaine.. but for 12 hours.
5. Feels like you're adrenaline is constantly pumping thru your body ever so slightly.
6. You get things done, normally you wouldn't have the energy to do. I.e tidying the flat.

Cons -
1. Although I have slept, I still feel under the influence in a way. Like i've still got adrenaline leaking into my body.
2. Had I redosed I'd still be awake now, hating the constant energy i would presume (it was a bit stressful being so energetic for 12 hours let alone another 12 hours)
3. Although today I don't feel too bad, I don't feel that good either. Feels like a really light hangover. Probably down to lack of good sleep.
4. I wouldn't be surprised if people with less self control than I could keep themselves up for weeks and drives themselves mental. With just a few grams.
5. Extremely potent, when I took my 0.03g i expected to have to redose. I thought i was playing it safe with 0.03g!

All in all, could be brilliant chemical if controlled. I.e you can't buy more than 0.01g a day (provided it is doing any real internal damage, which we won't know for years). But otherwise, if people can buy grams of the stuff its going to be deadly. Stay well and truely clear of it if you've got no self control. It will eat you up and drive you crazy.


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