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Ethyphenidate general information

Ethyphenidate (CAS No. 57413-43-1) is a potent piperidine, analogue of methylphenidate, with IUPAC registered name of (RS)-ethyl 2-phenyl-2-piperidin-2-ylacetate, and PubChem record is CID 3080846. Ethyphenidate is a drug that utilises the partial suppression of dopamine and noradrenaline at cellular level, resulting in extracellular accumulation of dopamine and noradrenaline hormones, process out-turns in intensifying the release of neurotransmission, that outcomes with acute stimulant and psychotropic consequences.


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What is Ethylphenidate?

Ethylphenidate or EP or Ethylcaine or Ethyl 2-phenyl-2-piperidin-2-ylacetate or 2-Piperidineacetic acid is a powerful stimulant and an analogue of methylphenidate (Ritalin).Ethylphenidate is in fact the ethyl ester of 2-phenyl-2-(2-piperidyl) acetic acid, whereas methylphenidate is the methyl ester.

What is Ethylphenidate used for?

Ethylphenidate, which was first identified as a stimulant in the mid 1950s, remains a research chemical and has not been approved for human consumption.


What are the effects of Ethyphenidate?

The effects described by various users and tests during lab examinations are:


 -Increased or decreased libido;

 -Dry mouth, dry skin or hypersensitive skin that could outcome with skin rash;

 -Sadistic or masochistic desires;

 -Auditory and/or visual hallucinations;


 -Confusion, paranoia;

 -Insomnia, irritability;

 -Short-term weight loss.

Ethylphenidate is a derivate of methylphenidate, and the effects are almost identical to the ones described in various methylphenidate tests. In the past, methylphenidate was used as an ingredient in various medicines with the intention to cure various maniac and psychotic disorders, such as the bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety, schizophrenia, and ADHD. Even if Ethyphenidate produces a short term dopamine imbalance in the brain, and when used continuously, various tests have shown that it could be a successful treatment against various disorders with multiple unwanted emotional states.

Various user experiences with Ehylphenidate:

"The onset of this stuff is quick, for me at least but I am always the first in the group to feel anything, very little negative things to say about this. I would say its my favourite legal stim on the market currently beating MDAI/MDEA, 6APB not only with more positive effects but a hell of a lot less negative ones until you get towards the end, but what can you expect after a 10 hour session. The only thing I would say that comes close is Jolly Green Granules but feels a whole lot less toxic. For use as a rave drug to dance night all night on your going to need too add something else to make a combo or increase the dose, just be careful. This is so new that possible interactions are yet unknown and higher doses might result in undesirable/dangerous effects. ITake it slow, you can always take more but never less. However for a house party or chilling with friends, seems perfect.

It does have a few negative aspects though, the high is really good, clean, energetic and happy but after an hour after dosing the high has subsided quite a bit but the stimulation still remains like all these new RC'S. Re-dosing does fix the problem but there will be a point where you just wont be able to get back to where you were, and all your doing is getting more and more dangerously stimulated, that’s the time to put it down and either go to sleep or switch to the next poison. 

I cant think of a better legal stim on the market at the moment. I definitely recommend this... but slightly grudgingly as the more of you who buy this, the less there is in this world for me. It's a winner guys. Super serial."


"I experimented by first snorting a pinhead's worth of powder to test for any allergies. No problems presented themselves and I snorted around 10 mgs 30 minutes later. There was no burn and effects began within 5 minutes. I experienced a noticeable stimulation and a mild mood lift. The lift in mood was quick to leave me so about 1 hour after my initial 10mg I followed it up with another. Mood lift was small, stimulation continued to build. This process was repeated a few more times until I called it quits. During this time, my appetite was suppressed. Sleep came eventually, but it was more elusive than normal. 

My next experiment involved vaporization. I smoked 3-7 mgs at a time on aluminum foil. The smoke was unpleasant but tolerable. Smoking the material produced an effect similar to that of snorting it, but with a shorter onset and duration. A mood lift, which faded after 10 minutes, was felt within 30 seconds of exhalation. Stimulation was marked and seemed to fade within the hour. I followed up by smoking several more times (no more than 10 mgs at a time) until I decided to call it quits. 

I quickly took to smoking the substance rather than snorting it. The powder, when smoked, leaves behind an unhealthy looking black bubbly, burnt-sugar-like, solid. The crystalline clumps seem to burn more cleanly. When heated, these clumps turn rapidly into a liquid which vaporizes almost completely to leave behind a black speck on the tinfoil."


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