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What are stimulants?

Stimulants are chemical and natural compounds which cause stimulating effects as the name pronounce. Their effects and use are described below. Stimulants are often used for recreation in our modern times. Stimulants can be snorted, injected, smoked or taken orally.

Effects of stimulants.

Some of the multiple effects of stimulants are :







increased arousal

increased locomotion

increased heart rate

increased blood pressure

Most of them are also capable of refining state of mind, and soften anxiety, and some can even prompt feelings of euphoria

Experiences of users with stimulants.

First experience

Who, how, why?

I should note as some background that cocaine is my recreational stimulant of choice but I do have some experience with amphetamine (the 'street speed' type), MDMA, methylphenidate and modafinil stimulant-wise. Other perhaps useful info; male, 25, about 80kg and in good health to the best of my knowledge.

I landed on MPA because I had begun looking into a functional stimulant that might be taken while doing work, but found methylphenidate and modafinil not quite cutting it. Methylphenidate initially appeared promising but I noted some big drawbacks (physical discomfort at effective dosages, not actually thinking clearer but rather just experiencing a relatively short spike in energy). Modafinil, though obviously a very different type of drug, did have a surprisingly stimulating effect on me, but also made my thinking less clear. I also didn't particularly enjoy the complete appetite suppression.

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Experience 2

It is said that Crystal Methamphetamine is the most potent form of speed that one can obtain.

I would have to agree. I'm sure most people will share this opinion for obvious reasons.

As far as stimulants go, I believe meth is king. At the very bottom of the stimulant chain you have Caffeine and Nicotine, two of the most widely used stimulants in the world. Hell, even chocolate has stimulant properties aside from the caffeine and sugar that is present in it.

Further up the stimulant pyramid, you might have, say... Cocaine, MDMA (Although technically MDMA is not a stimulant. It is a empathogenic with mild hallucinogenic properties)

Even higher up on the pyramid, and you might find Crack Cocaine.

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