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4-mec (NRG-2)

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What is 4-MEC?

4-MEC (4-Methylethcathinone or 4-methyl-N-ethylcathinone) is a synthetic stimulant  similar to mephedrone, that have been marketed under the name of NRG-2. 

4-MEC is a research chemical with triple properties, acting as a stimulant, psychedelic, and enhances mood and emotions in similar way with various amphetamines, being often used as ingredient in "ecstasy" and party pills. 

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4-MEC or NRG-2 is available  for sale at our store exclusively intended for purity examination and various other research studies, and is not intended for human consumption. 


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Known also by the name of 4-Methylethcathinone , and sometimes mixed with other cathinone chemical compounds to be assigned as NRG-2, 4-mec has a strong similarity with mephedrone , and due to its complex chemical structure can be classified as amphetamine, phenethylamine, stimulant and psychoactive drug. Registered under the IUPAC nomenclature as (RS)-2-ethylamino-1-(4-methylphenyl)propan-1-one and identified in CAS with number 1225617-18-4, can be found in powder and hydrochloride form. Dr Synthetic trades 4-mec only in powder form, soluble in warm water. A research chemical first developed in 2010 and often used as an active ingredient in various party pills and "Ecstasy" mainly throughout European countries.

4-mec or NRG-2 is a class B controlled substance in United Kingdom , class C controlled in New Zealand and Poland.

 What are the effects of 4-mec?

Due to its potency, a 200 mg dosage is abusive and there are several side effects induced in the case of an overdose , that were reported also in various subjects who exaggerated hoping to acquire higher degree of symptoms, and as consequences occurred regurgitating immediately after the intake, perhaps due to unpleasant bitter taste, and uncomfortable heat followed by perspiration and dizziness. A feeling of confusion and decreased mobility are often present during an over dosage or in more sensitive subjects. Opposed to Naphyrone, 4-mec is actually decreasing the communication skills and an over dose could affect negatively in various ways. The recommended dosage should be somewhere between 50-100 mg for any body mass and even for an experienced user, although resistance to the substance might arise after repeated intakes. The effects induced by 4-mec when administered at a standard level of exposure and not abused, are euphoric, stimulative, increased talkativeness, assertiveness, the feeling of unity with other persons around, and slightly increased hear rate.

Experiences of persons who tried 4-mec

150mg insufflated
5min: Slight confusion with an incoming body high
10min: Disorientation, Nervousity, Vomitting and a rather strong body high
30min: Diorientation is gone, mood is lifted, talking is somewhat hard for my friend at this point
60min: Nothing changed. Mood remains lifted, laughter is beginning.
90min: Feeling of comedown reported. My friend feels tired a lot now.

There was no request for more, so my friend didn't seem to have craving for this. Substance was obtained from a trusted vendor. Substance was also tested in lab and results made clear it was only ~80% clean.

My friend  repeated the same test 7 days later (last Saturday) with 300mg:

200mg insufflated:
5min: Slight confusion with an incoming body high
10min: Disorientation, Nervousity, Vomitting and a rather strong body high
15min: Strong confusion, Disorientation, motorskills are descreasing (my friend finds it rather hard to take a sip from a bottle), body high is described as to be the same as from Mephedrone
30min: additionally 100mg insufflated
45min: Disorientation, Confusion, Inability to talk (my friend  mumbles and is not understandable), Nystagmus (Eyes do rapid movements from left to right), Trisma (Tooth grinding?)
60min: Same but my friend vomitted again
90min: Same but once more my friend vomitted
100min: my friend fell asleep.

As it was planned to take 300mg in 2 doses there is craving to be reported. Batch was obtained from the same vendor as before and also was tested. See above for informations.

I hope this helps a few of you with this substance. My friend doesn't recommend it for a party. My friend also says it's nothing like Mephedrone and it's not worth the common prize you see for it.

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My partner and I take 100mg of 4-mec dissolved in water at 8.30pm and chase it with a line of roughly the same amount. The lift from the line is almost immediate and feels nicely euphoric.

T+30 (9.00pm) We go to watch a programme about the making of Primal Scream’s Screamadelica on TV, an album that we both love so the hour passes nicely listening to the tracks and background stories. This is followed by another hour long programme playing back to back tracks from 1991 the year that the album was released, so we stay rooted and listen to lots of old school rave tunes.

T+2:30 (11.00pm) We are buzzing nicely and decide to leave TV land to have another hit of 4-mec and listen to some music, I insufflate around 100mg and my partner dabs the same amount over a period of 30 minutes. We start building some playlists on Spotify and at the same time my partner connects with some friends by IM and a chat session starts across three laptops (hers, mine and the one that is running Spotify). Time flies by and we are joined on the IM by my friend’s son who starts forwarding us links to dubstep tracks on YouTube and we send back our Trance selections. As my friend and his son are using the same IM address conversations become slightly random but someone comes out with the quote of the night which is ‘Dubstep is my opera’ this has me killing myself laughing.

T+5.00 (1.30am) My friend on the other end of the IM is flagging, he hasn't taken anything this evening apart from a line of MPA at 8.00 pm and he wants to sleep tonight, so a debate starts as to whether my partner and I should finish of the remainder of our gram. I pour it out and split it into two very fat lines, it does look a lot (afterwards I calculate that these must have been around 150mg each). The ‘should we shouldn’t we’ debate goes on for a while but I decide matters by hovering up the line nearest to me, job done. My partner snorts some and dabs the rest. Within 10 minutes my eyes are nearly on stalks and the grin is from ear to ear. The euphoria is awesome and the energy levels are off the scale. At some point I have taken my laptop out into the garden where I continue my messaging until it starts to rain. My partner has been looking up the acts playing at Global Gathering and decided we have to go so she is busy trying to book a campervan online. I point out the time is gone 2.00 am but she shrugs ‘so what’. We start playing tracks by all of the acts that we see are on at Global.

T+7.00 (3.30am) My friend’s son decides that it is time to call it a day too, and we can’t blame him as he wasn’t fueled up like we were, so we thank him for an heroic effort and appreciate the good tunes that he has sent out way. My partner and I know that there is going to be no sleep tonight and continue listening to a mix of trance and dubstep until the sky starts to get light. With our IM buddies in the UK off line she has turned her attention to our friends in India and starts trying to raise them for a chat.


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